Getting started with NodeJS


Please read this to get basic information about node js. don’t like to write too much..

About me

How to install ?

You can google it.. or else I got one link please refer this.

let me go with basic example which is also given there in about me section. nodejs is really helpful for building a scalable network programs.

Basic Echo Server

var http = require('http');
var s = http.createServer(function(req,res){
	res.end("hello word");

woow..  few lines of code and we’ve done with basic server..  🙂

Run :

use bellow command to run this app

node basic_server.js

Fire request on our server

1) using curl : curl http://localhost:8000

2) using url : http://localhost:8000 (in browser)

All about Twitter Bootstrap

All about Twitter Bootstrap…!
Get all stuff related to bootstrap here.. no more google for bootstrap..

Jayesh Chandrapal

Twitter Bootstrap

How to use?

To use Bootstrap in an HTML page, developer must compile one CSS file from the downloaded LESS stylesheets. This can be done with a special compiler. Then they need to integrate the generated CSS file into the HTML file. If JavaScript components are selected, they must be referenced along with the jQuery library in the HTML document.

JS Plugins

The JavaScript components of Bootstrap are based on the jQuery JavaScript framework.

It is out of Twitter

“Bootstrap will remain Twitter’s project on GitHub for the time being, but we’ve realized the project has grown beyond us and the Twitter brand. It’s a huge project playing a pretty awesome role in the web development industry, and we’re excited to see it continue to grow. To that end, we’ve begun working to move Bootstrap into its own open source organization. It will take time, but we’re dedicated to making it happen.”


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Network Information API

How to detect Network Connection changes ??

Do you have same question sometime in ur mind ? hmm.. i got answer from MDN

This API provides information about the system’s connection, such as connection bandwidth of user device, or whether the connection is metered.

Usage :
This can be used to select hight definition and low definition content based on the user’s connection.

Detecting connection changes

var connection = navigator.connection || navigator.mozconnection 
|| navigator.webkitconnection;
function updateConnectionStatus(){
alert("connection bandwidth="+connection.bandwidth +"Mbs");
alert("the connection is metered");

Simple JS Code ..!!@@