PHP5 Features



it will be clear that SimpleXML revolutionized the way PHP Developer work wih XML files.

instead of having deal with DOM and SAX, SimpleXML represent your XML file as a native PHP Object.  so you can read it, write it easily, accessing elements and attributes also.


<name>yogi </name>
<account no>12</account no>
<name>raj </name>
<account no>123</account no>

now following code will read the xml file

$clients = simplexml_load_file('client.xml');
foreach($clients->client as $client)
print "$client->name has a/c no $client->account no \n";

SOAP(Simple Object Access Protocol)

SOAP is a simple XML-based protocol to let application exchange information over HTTP.

  • soap is used for communication b/w two application.
  • soap is platform independent.

New MySQLi(MySQL improved) Extension:

New feature supported by this extension include prepared statements and variable binding, ssl and compressed connection transmission protocol, replication support and more.

SQLite Extension

it is an embedded sql library that does not require an sql server.
so it is suitable for application that does not require sql server or if you deploy at an isp that does not have offer access to an sql server.

Perl Extension

Allows you to call perl script, use perl object and other functionality.


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