About Me


Hey! WELCOME! So glad you’re here.

Every reader is appreciated and every comment read and cherished. Mean it.

A few words about myself ::: Just a guy that likes to create positive change in the world. Fan of music, Swimming, innovative tech, & other things that make the world go round. Stay tuned…

A few words about my profession ::: I am a Product Engineer and my most recent experience has been as a full stack web developer at a Sanctum Networks. Focus on sustainable Product architecture using Python, Ruby on Rails, Node js, jQuery and Openstack, Opennebula cloud frameworks.

Regarding my education qualification, I’ve Completed MCA from The Oxford College of Engineering at Bangalore(VTU), India. after completing my studies I’ve been involving in web-development field.

Web-Development has always been interest of mine since i started studying Bachelor in Computer Application. i was really interested in world of Web and started dreaming about being Web-Developer.

i m also interested to do freelancing work, so if you like my work and willing to give any project to me, Please contact me.

Hire Me.!


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. can u send me give me VB.net project with backend as sql server…title doesnt matter im in a hurry because i need to submit on saturday so please can u give me ur exact address so that i can come buy the project right away !!

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